Originated in Afghanistan. 

Perfected in Northern California.



Kandahar Province Landrace Afghani Female x Takhar Province Landrace Afghani Male

Kandahar is a province in the Southern Region of Afghanistan and today is a large producer of poppy and cannabis. Historically, it is one of the oldest known human settlements and served as a trade hub on the Silk Road. Today, it's marketplace is still filled with an abundance of silk, tobacco, cannabis and hashish. This is believed to be the birthplace of Cannabis Indica.

Takhar is a province in the Northeastern Region of Afghanistan and is part of the legendary Hindu Kush Region, known worldwide for it's cannabis production and history as the birthplace of "Kush".

The seeds of these landrace Afghani strains were the absolute cream of the crop, collected in Afghanistan and carefully bred in Northern California. These two specific phenotypes were selected and bred for their "cherry-like" smell, copious resin production, high calyx to leaf ration and tinge of violet shades throughout the bud.


User Data via Leafly

User Data via Leafly

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Tasting Notes


The following are "Tasting Notes" provided by a local Winemaker at a prestigious Sonoma County, CA vineyard.

"The Cherry Kola bud has enticing aromas of raspberry framboise and honey dew, with just a hint of freshly cut grass. Crushed pine needles and esters of lemon rind seem to fill the room that it dries in. While preparing the Cherry Kola for a joint, our noses were filled with aromas of red Starburst and lemon tree leaves. Smelling our fingers afterwards reminded us of kiwi fruit and gooseberry with suggestions of sweet tree sap. The initial drag brings an explosion of bing cherry and lemon verbena flavors. On the exhale there is a really smooth texture with suggestions of a kola nut, sarsaparilla and raspberry tea. The intense flavors leave the palate with a pleasurable finish of freshly sliced lemon and lavender."

-Winemaker Brandon

We couldn't agree more...                                                                                                                                                                                                                


User Data via Leafly

User Data via Leafly

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Indoor and Outdoor Proven

8-9 Weeks Flowering Time

100% Indica

Small to Medium Height

2 - 2.5 ft Optimal Height Indoors

Medium Yield

Medium amount of thinning throughout lifecycle for optimal results